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Mouth & Digestive System Problems in Dogs - A healthy mouth and digestive system are essential to any dogs good health and wellbeing.

For a dog its mouth and teeth are essential, helping it to cut its food up into small pieces, move it with the tongue, mix it with saliva; and swallow it so that it enters the dogs stomach. There, the food is mixed with gastric juices and it then passes into the small intestine where products of digestion are absorbed. The remains of the food then pass into the large intestine where other nutrients are absorbed; and the remaining waste is passed out of the body via the bowels. This digestive process is a complicated one and is dependant on all parts of the system operating correctly.

This section describes the some of the more common problems that can affect a dogs mouth, teeth and digestive system including anal gland problems, broken teeth, abscesses, bad breath, constipation, diabetes, diarrhoea, enteritis, flatulence, kidney failure, Parvovirus, swallowing problems, tooth decay, incontinence and vomiting..

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