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Problems Affecting Female Dogs - The female dog or bitch, whilst being susceptible to all the general conditions and infections common to all dogs, is also affected by infections of her reproductive system and the particular problems of giving birth to and weaning pups.

A bitch will attain puberty usually between six to seven months of age, but some can achieve it after only four months.

Health problems can occur during pregnancy, during birth and in weaning the pups. If the dogs owner does not intend to breed from her, there are many advantages in having her spayed when she is young. She will then not suffer from unwanted pregnancies, pyometra (infection of the uterus, which is life threatening), and pseudo pregnancies. 

This section describes the some of the more common problems and health conditions that can affect female dogs including breast cancer, eclampsia, hyperplasia, mastitis, phantom pregnancy, pyometra and infections.

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